As the lead developer for the Website Template Project, maintaining quality is a top priority for me. We recently came to a point in our growth at which our regular manual testing was getting costly. Our quality efforts needed to scale. It was time to automate our website tests.

In this article, I’ll review a basic setup for automated integration tests. The process is fairly straightforward, but there are a couple of gotchas that this article might help you avoid. To make it even easier, here’s a little repo with a simple example that we’ll use throughout the discussion.


Having a website for your small business can go a long way towards boosting your visibility, customer interactions, and ultimately sales. The problem is, getting a website that’s effective for your business model can take a lot of effort and research. This guide will make that process easier.

Full disclosure: I’m the founder of the Website Template Project (WTP) by the non-profit Open Social Resources. I created WTP to help small business owners because I believe we deserve better ways to create websites than what popular website builders offer.

The strategy:

  1. Match your criteria with your business needs.
  2. Look at…

I make websites for small businesses, helping them connect with their communities. Small business owners often ask me how to increase their search ranking, placing them higher on the list when customers do a Google search for one of their products. I’ll give you an overview of how to do that for your business.

Shameless plug: check out the Website Template Project by the non-profit Open Social Resources. We create professional websites without all the tech fuss.

In our work on the Website Template Project, we ensure our websites have the best possible rating for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO…


Overview and preliminaries

This article introduces a mechanism to create docker files iteratively while developing repeatable tests, effectively applying TDD to docker file development. The walk-through works on most standard *nix systems like Ubuntu and Mac OS. The approach can be adapted for other systems.

Knowledge prerequisites: docker basics, shell scripting basics

We’ll use a simplified version of the “fancy pants” example here. The repository isn’t necessary to go through this article, although some readers may find it useful.

If you want to walk through the example, make sure you have docker installed.

Why test docker images?

Probably the same reasons why you’re here reading this. Docker…

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